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LUNGFULL!magazine is made possible in part by a generous grant from the New York State Council on the Arts. Additional funding comes our way from subscribers, selfless donors, the international network of counter-informants & saboteurs who grab copies off the rack at off-the-grid under-the-radar bookstores across America & Europe & finally to a vague degree from our advertisers. LUNGFULL! does not make judgments about the ads it runs, nor does it attest to the truthfulness, efficacy or good taste of said ads, i.e., "Increase your intestinal length by 6 to 8 inches!" may yield significantly different results from reader to reader. LUNGFULL! does however make judgments abt people & institutions & heaps liberal dollops of gratitude on those who help out if only & especially in spirit. As the editor is giving Manhattan the fuller & is about to lose his day gig, even the tiniest droplet of stability is welcome. If you'd like to share some of your own severance package, Xanax prescription or stories of the First Great Depression with LUNGFULL! we won't stop you. Tales of true love triumphing over neurosis also welcome. Unbeknownst to one another, there are several cells who go beyond the possible in their efforts to resist the monoculture juggernaut & supply graceful alternatives - & in the night sky of its heart, LUNGFULL! names the stars after these allies. They are: Elena Alexander & Ruel Espejo of the legendary MAD ALEX Arts Foundation, Kathleen Masterson of NYSCA, everyone at CLMP, Tracey McTague, the Dodge Poetry Festival, the Dueling Poetry Festivals of Boston, Amy Holman & Literary Horizons, the French Embassy, Virginia Gifford, Al of the Bagel Zone, Abigail & J Clarkson, the Editorial Board of The Gift, Amy Fusselman at, Gary Sullivan, the Alan Lomax Archives at the Association for Cultural Equity, Julie Reid, Sean Cole, Eddie Dale Sherrard, Joe Elliot & Situations, Douglass Rothschild & The Zinc Bar Reading Series, Charles Borkhuis & the Double Happiness Reading Series, Jackie Sheeler & the Cornelia Street Cafe Reading Series, Ed Friedman & the Poetry Project, Brian Kim Stefans & Open Letter, the editors of, Karen Weiser & HopHopHop Press, Macgregor Card & Andrew Maxwell of The Germ, LIT Magazine, Brandon Downing, Kara Rondina, Albert DeSilver & the Owl Press, Aaron Kiely of Torch, Mr. Sirius, Van Gogh's Ear, Pharos, Alan the Naderite, Bob Hershon of Hanging Loose, Poets House, Tool A Magazine,, Sharon Mesmer and those radiant independent bookstores that shine like clear skin on the increasingly blotchy face of America. I am madly in love with all of them, but, you know, as a friend. The boarded up windows of Coliseum Books, Tompkins Square Books, the Spring Street Bookstore, Blackout Books & all the other joints caught in the closing portcullis of bottom-lined corporatism make those that remain - from St. Marks in New York (which carries LUNGFULL!) to Copperfields in Petaluma (which fails to) all the more critical (even if they opt for Muscle Tone over LUNGFULL!). Critical also will be the off-the-cuff editor landing a nice off-the-books job or unforseen financial windfall sometime during America's current soft-landing on the surface of global ruin. We encourage you to send us job tips or - better yet - the means by which one can live outside the meaty death grip of late capitalism. You might also want to send submissions, subscriptions, letters to the editor, artwork, recipes, motorcycle replacement parts, low-interest loans, electrical or plumbing know-how, advice on what to do if your cat pees on everything, to our new address: LUNGFULL!magazine 316 23rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Please someone tell the creepy guy looking in the window of our old 4th Street office that we've moved. You may also send good talismans, charms, trinkets, emblems, icons, numinous objects of all kinds & well wishes across the river. Lungfull!magazine would love to hear from people of all backgrounds & from those who could be considered unknown, obscure, known to a select few, notorious, established, famous, legendary & titanic. New writers & those that date back to the very cradle of civilization. Speaking of which, between the Tigris of submissions & the Euphrates of distribution lies our printer Sterling-Pierce in East Rockaway, New York. Whatever your idea of it is, they make it happen. Through alchemical processes worthy of Paracelsus, they transmute an envelope of galleys into fifteen crates of gold. That wealth gets projected within the U.S. by Desert Moon & Ubiquity & internationally by DeBoer. Molly the Motorbike covers interboro delivery of the goods. Speaking of interboro, who will win the lucrative contract to move Lungfull World Headquarters from its 20th century window in Manhattan to its new, not entirely constructed secret laboratory in The Mothership across from the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn? Though the editor's asthma specialist will miss his regular visits & the editor himself may long for the construction racket across the street & the bohemian investment bankers who, with their lilting songs of EBITDA margins, have long since sent most of the artists packing for rents with more reasonable P/E ratios, despite that, it's a good move, trust us. While we may be departing Manhattan, we are now fully in command of our site: Lots of hot word-on-word action & barely legal unedited drafts. You must be 18 to enter. Or okay, 16. Listen, 12 is like the bare minimum, but only if you're drunk. It's great to be here in Brooklyn tonight ladies & gentlemen. Hey - what did the civilized patient who, by dint of his own lack of faith, failed to get better, what did he say to the root-worker who had tried to heal him? Shaman you! That was just to weed out three of the four people who were still reading this. Now that we're alone, I can tell you what LUNGFULL! is really trying to accomplish. Wait - some interloper just skipped down to this line. I'll have to tell you in issue 13. Unless you want to take me out for dinner & I'll spill it then. This fine print however is designed to make everyone blind - that way we can lead people around literally instead of merely literarily. ATTENTION: You must be 40 inches or taller to ride on Lungfull! Do not stand up while reading Lungfull! as g-forces are strong & unpredictable - your safety harness is there for a reason. Now step into the cradle endlessly rocking & away we go. Moray Back Guarantee: If you are not entirely satisfied with this magazine, we will fill your home with slithering eels. If you home is already filled with eels, we will remove them, no questions asked. By my global warming calculations, this will become more common as the water levels rise over the next few years & New York City is entirely under water. I for one welcome our future dolphin masters. Until that time at which the manatees wrest control of LUNGFULL! away however, the waterproof magazine remains copyright © 2002 Brendan Lorber & the writing & artwork is copyright © 2002 the individual writers & artists.



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