Macgregor Card

Hey Friend
for Brandon Downing


Hey friend, you're like a god covered in skin, a blessing

unto administration's binding fruits.


Yeah skin, that's where they found my former sadness,

hair. And you, friend, you look like a clerk.


I know I am a clerk. Six thousand are known to flower in

the great family of departmental fauna. It's the season for

allowing fresh, sharp flowers again and again to pay for the

breeze. Some day I will make sure they do, some day I'll

know I am a manager.


Well, friend clerk, you have your muzzle in a rich

clump of blooms. Leave it there a while, I am going

away, truly.


Then my heart's in the grip. I'm in debt. An old boarder

passing through sheep, napping and carrying on. A friend

says to a corpse, "I can say anything to you, and you can




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