Naked? Our poem stickers can help.

John Ashcroft recently covered poor blind Justice in drapes because the statue was naked.
Many states have passed laws discouraging public nudity for animate humans as well.
If you find yourself confronted by an officer of the peace while undressed simply
peel off the adhesive backing & apply the Sparrow poem sticker -- free with every copy of LUNGFULL! magazine.

Here are three of the series of eight.
If you would like to make stickers of your own, simply pour elmers in the back of your monitor & apply.



Why not collect all 8 - send $1.00 for each addtl sticker you want
(some people are more modest than others)
& make it payable to Brendan Lorber rather than LUNGFULL!
Poem stickers are also suitable for lampposts, bathroom walls,
bumpers & lascivious statues of democratic ideals.



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