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Please read these terms & conditions carefully before attempting to install or use your new LUNGFULL!magazine version 13. LUNGFULL! is made possible solely through the support of its readers & advertisers. We receive no public nor corporate funding & thus are free to do as we please, unlike, say, The ExxonMobil Yorker or Whether you obtain your copy through subscription or by sweet talking the guy in the periodicals section while your accomplice coatlines it, we appreciate your support & we shall tip our 40s to you tonight. You, my friend, have got the dynamite taste. You in turn should tip yours to the people who have placed their adverts in the back & then do what they tell you to do. Together, we should then raise a glass to the covert legion who have in some way made this issue 13 possible. LUNGFULL! would be nowhere without the monetary assistance, physical help, emotional aid & organizational gumption of: Everyone at CLMP, the Zinc Bar, the Dodge Poetry Festival, the Boston, Cambridge, Harvard and MIT Poetry Festivals, the Atlanta Literary Festival, the Brooklyn Alternative Small Press Fair, Jane Sprague The Ithaca Conference of Culture Workers, Matvei, Anna & The Cheap Small Press Fair, the Twin Cities Book Festival, Eric Lorberer & Rain Taxi, Amy Holman & Literary Horizons, Virginia Gifford, Ed Foster at Talisman, Al of the Bagel Zone, Abigail & J. Clarkson, the Editorial Board of The Gift, Amy Fusselman at, The Segue Foundation, Gary Sullivan & Nada Gordon, the Alan Lomax Archives at the Association for Cultural Equity, Sean Cole, Joe Elliot & Situations,Douglass Rothschild, Jackie Sheeler &, the Poetry Project, Macgregor Card & Andrew Maxwell of The Germ, Albert DeSilver & the Owl Press, Van Gogh's Ear, Pharos,, Sharon Mesmer, Danny J., Ironman Matt Glassmeyer, Mark Wallace, Rod Smith, David Kirshenbaum & Boog Lit, Ram Devineni & Rattapallax, PaperTiger, Chris Van Strander, Kathleen Masterson of NYSCA, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, New York State Department of Labor, Forklift Ohio, Fence, Mister Sirius, Jim Behrle, several other people whose invaluable love could not be contained in such tiny print & the independent bookstores whose response to the boa constrictor that is 21st Century America is even more insane & noble than, say, running a literary journal. Perhaps you don’t like some of the people in this list? Insure you never inadvertently see them by having your LUNGFULL!s sent directly to your home. Domestic subscriptions are $17.90 for 2 issues & $35.80 for 4 issues. Make checks payable to Brendan Lorber, NOT LUNGFULL! And send them to SUBSCRIPTIONS, LUNGFULL!magazine, 316 23rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215. You may also obtain additional LUNGFULL POEM STICKERS or LUNGFULL POELITICAL STICKERS for $1 a sticker. If you become disenchanted with the magazine at any point during your subscription, we will be sad & sadly we will refund your payment. These offers expire on 3/6/05 unless subsequent notices rescind the offer or extend it. There may be a day, and this day may never come, when we call upon you to provide us with something to read. We are not responsible for the effect of the poetry & ancillary writing within this issue upon anyone who inadvertantly or intentionally reads said material, nor for their actions subsequent to such reading. Except for Jim Behrle, who’s mind & body we control. We are also not responsible for the products & services advertised in LUNGFULL! Although we have personally used a great deal of them, often in “non-standard”, “unorthodox” or “perverse” ways. We don’t recommend this & make pacts with God each time we do it that this is absolutely the very very last time, ever. LUNGFULL! is distributed around the U.S. & in Europe by Desert Moon, Deboers & Ubiquity. Molly the Motorbike carries it to the 5 boroughs. If you do not see LUNGFULL! In your local store, make sure it is a bookstore before getting angry. Remember, the person behind the counter is not responsible for the store’s choice of what journals to stock, but bringing great wrath down upon him will serve as a warning to the person who does make the orders. If you read something in LUNGFULL! That “strikes your fancy,” or “makes you feel good” or “touches you” or if you find the material to be a load, crock, bucket, steaming cauldron & so on, please send a Letter or Poem to the Editor at lungfull @@ rcn . com or LUNGFULL!magazine, 316 23rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215. We may edit the letter for concision or to reinforce the fact that we are rubber & you are glue. LUNGFULL! welcomes work from emerging & established writers from all walks of life. This includes people from all races, ethnicities, genders, fleetness of foot, sexual persuasion, intrinsic sexiness & schools of thought. Submissions should be accompanied with a cover letter that’s charming but doesn’t try too hard & that talks about why you want to be published in LUNGFULL! A recent submission had a dollar taped to the cover letter & while the poems didn’t get published, the dollar is going towards paying for having this line printed. And half of this one. Send submissions to SUBMISSIONS, LUNGFULL!magazine, 316 23rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Submissions without a SASE or email contact will be discarded. Please allow a year or so for response. Please do not query before a year is up. Maybe you could answer my question though: Now that Saddam’s been captured, could somebody tell me who that guy is hiding in my basement? LUNGFULL! accepts about 2% of all submissions, so please allow us to apologize in advance. LUNGFULL! is printed by Sterling-Pierce in East Rockaway, NY. They are pretty fantastic. It may be helpful to use a ruler as you read this, to keep you from skipping ahead & potentially missing something. My dog Sirius, for instance, has no thumbs & thus can’t use a ruler, so he might miss the fact that his TREATS are hidden in the cabinet by the kitchen door and are not spontaneously generated from my hands. A ruler can also help if you want to compulsively cross out every single word in this issue & mail it back. If you are bored enough to have gotten this far in the legal copy, why not look at the whole thing again, & other things too, at I’ll tell you why not, because you aren’t tough enough, pal. It would drive you fucking bananas so don’t even try it. If I found out you went to the site when I told you not to, I don’t know what I’d do. MONCHICHI BACK GUARANTEE: Monchichi, Monchichi oh so soft & cuddly, look the back is fuzzy oh so fuzzy guaranteed. LUNGFULL! is committed to phasing out its animal testing program by 2009. In the meantime our dog is still available to help you prepare for the SAT, GRE & GMAT. LUNGFULL!magazine, Disconnecting the dots, The stakes are big, the mistakes are bigger, & all other materials written or created by the editor are copyright ©2004 Brendan Lorber. All other writing & visual art is copyrighted property of their respective creators. All rights reserved.



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