stick around

Lungfull Magazine Poeletical Stickers (LMPS) now have twice the adhesive:
glue on the back & hard-to-forget facts on the front.

We make it that way because you need all the help you can get,
given the sticky situations this country finds itself in these days.

The clear black and white format echoes the stark conditions under which we currently live
& makes them visible in every direction for many feet (or meters if yr reading this in Europe
during one of the many days off Europeans are granted).

Their punchy messages are guaranteed to wake up even the sleepiest cell.

We canŐt suggest that anyone put these stickers up in public or, say,
on those NYC Subway ŇIf you see something, say somethingÓ anti-terror posters,
but, well. Remember: We must stick together or certainly we will all be stuck separately.

If you'd like any sent to you, send us a buck for each one.
Make checks out to Brendan Lorber rather than Lungfull.
If you can't afford that, given the nature of these stickers,
we understand. Just send a stamp & we'll hook you up.





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