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Remember the War in Iraq? $387,000,000,000 funneled into military contractors’ pockets so far— & another $11,000,000 an hour. According to The Lancet, about 700,000 people have been killed so far. That means a handful of US corporations are now making $552,857 profit per death. (Alas, that’s down from $728,000 per death in 2004, but still a lot better than the paltry $121,000 per death they made in Vietnam — no wonder it was such an unpopular war!) If we had given that money to Iraq in “money” form instead of “cluster bomb” form, each person would have gotten $17,417 — about 50 years salary for the average Iraqi. When Chavez offered to pay impoverished Americans’ heating bills he won a lot of hearts & minds with only a few hundred bucks — and no bullets. Okay, our benevolent leaders would never give money away to foreigners. But imagine if they spent that cash on the American people instead of on the corporations! Can’t imagine? You don’t have to — we’ve crunched the numbers for your convenience. Free healthcare! Free housing! Free subways! That’s the kind of freedom worth fighting for!



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