Why should grassroots activism be the exclusive domain of leftists and anarchists? I mean, just because 99% of the planet’s population and all of its environment is exploited by the top 1% doesn’t mean that the top 1% doesn’t also require our help. In the interests of fair play, lungfull! is offering this public service to the ultra-private sector. Written on behalf of such organizations as the society for the preservation of slave labor, the partnership to crush local business, the alliance of pharmaceutical & insurance profiteers and advocates of increased child labor everywhere, the stickers that accompany this issue reflect their gratitude for our continued support. these stickers are just our way of helping them say thanks! Of course, vandalism’s a crime and our efforts to assist the needy (the rich take so much, they *must* need more than we do!) should in no way incite anyone to put stickers where they ought not go, right? For example it’d be wrong to put them by the entrance to businesses that engage in morally bankrupt or outright predatory practices. Totally wrong.




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