"You own a yacht? Which one is it? The big one?"
"Certainly not! With all the unrest in the world, I don't
think anybody should have a yacht that sleeps more than twelve."
Marilyn Monroe & Tony Curtis in "Some Like it Hot"

Because LUNGFULL! is funded in part by your taxpayer dollars, we are obliged to disclose our expenses, income and the cost-saving measures we are implementing.

BRIBERY 12% Replacing congressmen with robots
COINS 8% Compusive coin stacking disorder
crash 26% Crashing rental cars for erotic thrill
ezra 7% Reanimating Ezra Pound for tough editorial decisions
"This is terrible, of course not. Why do you keep doing this to me?"
helium 5% Helium to make unsolicited mss more entertaining
island 13% Creating man-made islands in the shape of other journals' editors
paramilirary 19% Paramilitary training for all contributors
phone 8% Endless harassing phone calls to Poetry Project, Bowery Poetry Club, Woodland Pattern Center
printing 1% Printing and distribution (and galvanized chains for when reanimated Ezra Pound sees fire and freaks out)
atm 10% ATM and Metrocard vending machine skimming
countereit 30% Counterfeit Turkish currency
extort 10% Extortion
edicine 22% Stealing old people's medicine and reselling it to poets
poison 12% Poisoning rich people and taking their place at yacht club & board meetings
ponzi 15% Ponzi schemes
subscribers 1% Subscriptions (and buyng beer for teenagers at the bodega)
scratch Building poets from scratch to lower data corruption/failure rate
lunch Eating coworkers' lunch
shoe Wearing one shoe
hitmen Using street thugs instead of professional hitmen
house Living in some nice family's house without them knowing
truck "It fell off the truck."




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