Hello Ambassador...care for a drink?

Once you spill your refreshment on a literary journal,
chances are you've lost your drink AND hours of delightful reading.
But with LUNGFULL!'s E-Z Clean cover, your days of fear & caution are over.

Just look at the devastation wrought upon these journals by even a small selection of California wines.

The Germ + Ravenswood Zinfandel = blue ruin //// Ixnay + Beaulieu Cabernet Sauvignon = sheer desolation //// Jubilat + Beringer Pinot Noir = clapped-out //// Detective Comics + Gundlach-Bundschu Muscat = gone to the dogs //// Mungo vs. Ranger + Kunde Merlot = TKO //// Skanky Possum + Valley of the Moon Riesling = fit for the dust hole


The sharp critical acumen of their editors can only last so long
against the statistically inevitable large-scale beverage accident.


So why are LUNGFULL! readers so laid back about
threats posed by drinks, food & worse?

It's our secret laminated formula!

Spill whatever you want!
A moistened paper towel & you are back in business . . .
the business of poetry. Thanks, LUNGFULL!



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