Strings Attached.


LUNGFULL! Magazine is made possible in part from a generous grant from the New York State Council on the Arts. Additional funding is provided by subscribers, individual donations & the independent stalwarts who, acting as though with one heart, pick up copies of the magazine at bookstores, festivals, conferences & readings throughout America & to a slightly lesser degree, Europe. Immeasurable gratitude to Elena Alexander & Ruel Espejo of the MAD ALEX Arts Foundation, Kathleen Masterson of NYSCA, everyone at CLMP, the Dodge Poetry Festival, Amy Holman & Literary Horizons, Aaron Seven Kiely of the Boston Poetry Conference, Ed Friedman, Tracy Blackmer & Jenny Smith of The St. Marks Poetry Project, Douglas Rothschild, Virginia Gifford, Jarrett Anthony, David Cameron, Sarah Beadle, Catherine Tyc & Shortwave, Poets House, Zinc Bar, Segue Foundation, Maggie Balistrieri & Jackie Sheeler of Pink Pony West, Brandon Downing & Mike Price of Blue Books, Sharon Mesmer, Tracey McTague, The Editorial Board of The Gift, Prageeta Sharma, The French Embassy, Hoa Nguyen & Dale Smith of Skanky Possum, Bob Hershon of Hanging Loose, Marcella Durand & Cats Magazine, Steven Clay & Granary Books, Joe Elliot & Situations Press, Albert DeSilver & The Owl Press, Al of The Bagel Zone, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts Gallery, The secret Editorial Board of, the spate of once good friends who have been estranged through the editorial choices or the distracted busyness of the editor & finally we'd like to thank the plucky band of independent bookstores that festoon this nation like a diamond can-do tiara. Here on this island in the Hudson River delta, Gotham Bookmart & St. Marks books come to mind. On the Greek island of Skopelos, what comes to mind are the sonorous calls of strange sea-faring birds & the bands of feral but affectionate dogs that roam the beaches hopped up on ouzo. Why hello Benji! Back at LUNGFULL World Headquarters we're forced to take our Aegean dreams & stack them up like cheap folding chairs as great crates of the magazine arrive hot from the printer. The printer? Why it's Sterling-Pierce Co., Inc. of East Rockaway, New York who have printed, bound & waterproofed with grace & aplomb almost every issue of LUNGFULL! Since it was whelped in a secret manger on the Lower East Side. All your base are belong to them. Now more than ever you can't afford to be slowed down by on-the-job accidents. That's why the pages of this issue have been printed with a bonding agent designed to cauterize the papercuts of even the most enthusiastic reader. For especially bad cuts, pick up a copy of our special tournequette edition available over the counter in most states. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if a subscription to maximum strength LUNGFULL! is right for you. LUNGFULL! would like to apologize for many of the poems that have appeared recently in other literary magazines. Though our cultural dominance is strong it is by no means complete & sometimes writers have slipped through the cracks into the light of day. We will try to do better by whatever clandestine means are at our disposal. But then there's the internet too & we simply can't be everywhere. In fact we're barely at our own site: Mommy, where does LUNGFULL! come from? many of our younger readers are wont to ask. Pick up a copy of "How to talk to your children about LUNGFULL" at a local bookstore. In the meantime you can just tell them Why, the storklike distributors bring them, honey, now tell mama where you hid her pills. Here in New York, LUNGFULL! is carried to bookstores on the trusty back of Molly the Motorbike. Around the US, Ubiquity & Desert Moon do the job. Internationally it's DeBoer. SPD may also spread the joy through the CLMP's partner program "New Readers for New Writers." If LUNGFULL! Has made you feel like a new reader all over again, as though we've burned sage in the musty lobes of your busted up cortex, well, we'd like to hear about it. Letters & poems to the editor, & all other correspondence should be sent to: LUNGFULL! Magazine, 126 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003. Same for subscription requests, submissions, books & CD's you think we need, extremely dubious advice, amusing anecdotes, ghost stories, enticing invitations, dreamjob offers, florid satchels of cash, subpoenas, sumptuous aromas, jewel scarabs, a cloud in trousers send send send them all. Or just stop by the window & hand it to the editor. That's him emerging from his secret lavoratory behind the bookshelves, toweling off his hands. Or perhaps that's him pulling the strings & making the dow jones dance dance dance. Or maybe that's him dressed as Evita Peron speaking to her people but secretly feeling, no matter where he is, like he's walked right in between a mama bear & her young. One thing's for sure, if yr charming he's only too happy to set aside whatever he's doing to follow the new belief system you represent. Subscription & donation checks should be made out to Brendan Lorber & not LUNGFULL! Magazine. If you would like to use LUNGFULL! in your classroom, we wish we'd had you as a teacher back when it counted. If you'd like to use LUNGFULL! as a sugar substitute, sprinkle liberally. If you'd like to use the editor then leave him on the side of the road, you wouldn't be the first. Why not throw a LUNGFULL! party in your house? Do the puzzles together, spread the different bright colored issues on the floor & play LUNGFULL-Twister, write collaborative poems or letters & send them in. All submissions must include a SASE or proof of psychic ability to perceive subsequent rejection/acceptance. Response time varies but can be as long as a year depending on the degree to which our hull is filling with water. Monkey On Your Back Guarantee: If at any time your LUNGFULL! habit gets to be too much, we can recommend several less potent literary magazines that can help you get off the stuff safely & easily. We want to you enjoy LUNGFULL! responsibly. Don't read & drive. If you must, then use the new hands-free edition of the magazine. If you're going to do it, well, you better do it right, or, as they say in Germany, Es ist meine weg oder der Auobahn. A political note: while our grassroots campaign to have John Ashbery named Attorney General fell short of its goal, we still have hope for the future of this tattered nation. Your plucky resolve to read all the way to the bottom of this indicia means that you might just have the determination & obsessive nature we need to steer us around the icebergs of the next few years. In the meantime, LUNGFULL! is copyright 2001 Brendan Lorber. The poems & works of visual art are copyright 2001 the individual contributors. You have to © it to believe it & I know you will as amazement will rise up to kick skepticism's ass in the end every time.


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