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Economists assert that every dollar you spend actually amplifies itself in a fiscal ripple as it is turn spent by another person and another and another. Before long that single dollar has been used hundreds of times, yielding massive economic growth & bettering all our lives. But the economy is so large relative to your puny, knavish input, that even if your dollar turns into a thousand, it gets divided by hundreds of millions of people. In a smaller economy however, the economy of poets say, a few bucks and its subsequent multiplier effect can go quite a long way. Within a year, your purchase of the Lungfull! will repay you perhaps enough to make up for the deleterious effects of having actually been exposed to the magazine in the first place.

It's a myth that you will get your money back after you buy a book or magazine when the editor/author uses those same bucks to buy your book or go to your reading. Poets are generally too miserly & disorganized to count on it. With Lungfull! however, we guarantee you will pull in the ducats through our strategic economic positioning.

Here's how it will play out for you over the next year.



You get a subscription to LUNGFULL!



which passes the money onto the printer

whose use of waterproof paper helps fund


the logger vs. sawmiller kickboxing tournament

at the Sullivan County Lumberjack Jamboree

whose shirtless winner receives enough money


to aquire an appalachian coal mine

& improve the working conditions for everyone

while turning a nice profit for himself


more than enough to buy

a nice turtleneck from

a very emphatic salesperson


who uses her commission to rebuild her meth lab

after last year's "big misunderstanding"

by the local law-enforcement hazmat team


who use her generous donation to

quit their crappy jobs &

run a tennis camp for orphans


llike the one in Pirates of Penzance

which the camp goes

to see at the regional theater



whose manager pilfers a small amount of money

every week from the box office

to send to his brother



who lost his job as

pitching coach for the Yankees

but who is nevertheless very happy


so happy in fact that he hands you half of that money

one bright day because he saw you reading a poetry magazine

& he knows how tough things can be for poets

Rendering you richer than you ever imagined!



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