C.E. Putnam


Recent in Origin:

a Visual Anthem for the Wet Frontier


                                                I never think of the future


                                                I usually stay in bed


                                                                    This room by a cord

                                                                    of flesh front

                                                                    door one then two

                                                                    I fell into a light


                                                Then thoughts of the immense on his feet

                                                & of colors.


                        In any event, however this state is arrived at, this new dimension walks

                        through all of our present activities and through all of the places where forests

                        are still growing & all of these activities, which are going on, are still– but are

                        still going on all at the same time.


Then thoughts about how money works you

works you not to be.


             The subject:                 A. path.

                                                 B. soup.


             Weight of The Space Needle x 1,667,234,778 = approximate weight of the earth.


In love with electricity, the 30 viral sciences made possible other language

generations, as the targeted subject cannot adapt its shielding–medicines

exist in this form (as in moving from celluloid to FATAL TV) all of your

bodies (anti-gravity) lying iconic before me– you crazy fucker?


                   Water reconfigurations and ourselves a machine:

                   meat transistors.

Between the words we try to locate

the amount of writing one might put into

the petty events that led up to this peeling away.


                                       As sky opening later–



                                       Introduce yourself to Grassy Grasshopperson.


                 I have a tractor & dreams that reassign the space ballistics

                 or space balls.



                           Many famous people are continually in a semi-trance state:

                           Dr. Oppenheimer, Tycho Brahe, Charlie Sheen.

                           This is what Bode had in mind when he wrote Bode’s Law.

     *      *      *


The frame, the row–

had dropped almost to zero.


               Unique taste the world over.


               Fall Semester: Parable Biology

               (a window into the miniaturization of the last

               civilian generation).


Then the sudden appearance of a new animal kingdom based entirely on these new

principles began to develop.


               I, too, have been to ICS for analysis. Same. Same.


                          Maybe they (whoever) have access to this

                          info anyway.


               Of these supposed systems (they monitor

               all the "fuzzy" in you)–the fluids,

               contrary to the carefully re(de)composed

               body, form the second figure: existence

               in nature conflicts with these electronically

               asynchronous bodies when they are

               "combed" then "lathed" and then mislead

               I am them & myself (simultaneity)

               a from of ready currency


The coffin bounces along after a herd of kangaroos.


               Outside I grew accustomed to the dim and looked

               thoughtfully at this program to write it all down .


Implants may soon store data inside us. Your thoughts?

               Someone might restore the edge of this pavement


                                         since he

                                         was working

                                         there was

                                         he could

                                         he doing


                                         are better

                                         than some



                       Just as your THINGS find YOU.


                       "If you take VIAGRA after a large high-fat high-alcohol meal

(such as a cheese burger, French fries, 100 Scottish Pipers, etc.) the

medicine may take a little longer to start working."


                       Nearer to bacteria, this hologramic consumer


                                         bump bump — he runs home–

                                         he was reminded vividly of the sign

                                         "BEWARE OF ATTACK RATS"


                                         where RATS = ROBOT RATS


These live among the rush hour travelers.


We’re more likely to die from feeling this.


                   You have a hole in your head. Does it hurt?


                              Try the chicken-cow, it’s good here.


     *      *      *


                   It seems that way too, if you watch television. Nothing goes on

except for the killings, and the young people trying to exert their feelings

by shouting about it.


Has this happened all over the states?


                   The computer should tell you.

I’m worried some people might not have big enough bodies.


                   As with any cliff

                   top the top is not

                   defined as a top

                   the trees make

                   the "top" not the

                   earth but clouds

                   interfere w/this

                   calculation & more

                   when things as they

                   are today keep getting

                   closer to us


          As analogy: any advanced data/medial; the destination for "tuna melts"


                                             In the future there will be two grasshoppers

                                             in Texas, can you name one of them?



Reference to them induces the Metabolic and Nutritional Systems (Weight Decrease)



                     There were trees and grass but it was an empty land

                     like on the moon. There were no villages no towns

                     no cites only the chromium gloved hands of the citizens.



                     How liquid hierarchies passions

                     and more importantly: cough syrup, limbs, and a moustache.


                     Then actually living in a supernatural hierarchy.


                                                   I love you I love you I love you.... phone rang).

Dead faint.


                                   Them what yams

                                   except for the yams

                                   those yams yes

                                   giving yams the duck

                                   yam incentive

                                   to help him eat

                                   nothing but rats

                                   and yams


                     Let’s have another story.


                                    TV cares about the integration of nihilism

                                    into this new "wheel." It’s only property is absorption

                                    (heretical true common bodies persist) & the old

                                    believe that existence, moreover, is an endless

                                    shuttling between these states.



         Maybe that’s my ghoul. These beliefs (recorded and enhanced)

          trompe-l’oeil what was once a starting point.



So if you gain power over it, you can begin without one.



         What would answers to the deep questions of meaning

         of origins and of destiny do to any last blob of living light?



                                         Show me the answers


                                                     I miss chunky

                                                     if deeply


                                                     organic individual



                                                     up now (again)



                                             Don’t worry! It all comes true soon enough.


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