In the interest of keeping the poetry community on the up & up, we offer this quick primer on how we decide what to publish.
Although social watchdogs like and Jim Behrle have not called us out yet, we want to nip in the bud any rumors of cronyism, nepotism, favoritism.

Submissions arrive at Lungfull World Headquarters and are immediately buried in salt mines for five years or until they are stable.
Retrieved from mine by runners & placed in pink semicicular envelopes for tracking.
Sorted by Density Bonus.
Distributed to editors via pneumatic system.
Editors wear Anti-Impropriety goggles that prevent them from making decisions based on having inadventantly seen the poet's name or read his/her submission.
After mistakenly dismantling welfare in 1996, editors are now much more careful to avoid making the manuscript a law.

Editors meet once a month in international waters to argue over the finalist poems & dispose of bodies.

Before and after the meetings, the internet is rife with chatter as the merits of each submission are hashed out. Here's an example of an exchange between two editors. The candidate's name has been withheld, though it doesn't take a fucking genius to figure out we are talking about you.

Decisions are based on complex algorithms & theoretical properties. We employ the procedure used in Flowers for Algernon on ourselves to grapple with the subtleties of our own poetics during the meeting. This is done at the expense of our long-term well-being. It is sad, but necessary.

Beacuse rejecting friends can be difficult, editors wear green or red to indicate their opinions. Winners of the wrestling match get rewritten & published under different names in Fence & Lit.

The losers are forced to appear in Lungfull.

The very best submission gets burned to insure a good crop next year. That's the only reason you were not published this time.



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