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 The Editorial

We are all failures. Ye readers of poetry are all no-good vagrants. Poets themselves? Losers. The editors of this journal? Bums. Roommates? Coworkers? Friends? Deadbeats. Castaways. Derelicts. Each of us is more privy to the almost infinite ways in which we ourselves have degenerated into the charged depths of insolvent never-wasland. But what we may not realize is the brutal optimism lurking behind total disintegration. To have nothing left but ruin is a completely propitious point from which to start: our still being here despite catastrophe means there was nothing to lose in the first place, all our fears were unfounded. Most people pretend their life is good enough. But you are not most people. You know that despite everything you’ve been taught, embracing ruin is a necessary first move in the....

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The Fine Print

Alex Galper • Benjamin Schwalke • Bernadette Mayer • Brett Evans • Cliff Fyman • Dave Brinks • David Pemberton • Edwin Torres • Eileen Myles • Fred Yannantuono • Heather Green • Jennifer Brown • Jessica Fiorini • Jim Behrle • LS Asekoff • Lauren Ireland • Liz Colville • Mark Wallace • Rodney Phillips • Ryan Collins • Sandra Simonds • Sarah Rosenthal • Scott Hammer • Shafer Hall • Shira Dentz • Susan Lewis • Tracey McTague • Todd Colby

David Borchart • Elizabeth Zechel • Nikita Mikros • Sharon Mesmer • Silke Schöner • Tracey McTague • William Betts

Jen Robinson

Anthony Hawley• Chris Martin • Chris Stroffolino • Claudia Lorber (mom) • Gilberto Serpentine • H.H.Horowitz • James Behrle, Jr. • James Lavin • John Kingman • Julie Reid • Kat Soleil • Kevin Carollo • Lynne Hjelmgaard • Mike Topp • Pango Diner • Phil Johnson • Rachael Rakes • Rex Redchenko • Rodrigo Toscano • Stephen Ratcliffe • Susan Firer • Thadd Rutkowski • Will Edmiston • Yonina Rosenbaum • and many more...



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