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. . . Under any circumstances, poems that matter are failures - if they are big, immediately gettable things they advance nothing. There are poems that make everyone in the room stop breathing, that pull you out of samsara long enough to think or feel something that you wouldn't otherwise. But a groundbreaking poem - one that allows you to experience what would otherwise be culturally impossible - a groundbreaking poem sinks into the earth with only a slight trace. This is when the community steps in ­ in some cases a tiny community - one person even - who comes across a body of work & pushes it forward, does the legwork, gets it not just published but received . . .

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The Contributors

Writing... Charles Baudelaire Edmund Berrigan Charles Borkhuis John Bradford David Cameron Macgregor Card Thomas Cierzo Todd Colby Del Ray Cross Caroline Crumpacker Rachel Daley Jordan Davis Brandon Downing Susan Firer Stephanie Hemphill Anselm Hollo Amy Hollowell Mary Kasimor Aaron Kiely Noelle Kocot Bill Kushner Louise Landes Levi Justin Limoges Brendan Lorber Pansy Maurer-Alvarez Pattie McCarthy Joyelle McSweeney Tracey McTague Henri Michaux Sheila Murphy Eileen Myles Cynthia Nelson Travis Nichols Alice Notley Jen Robinson Michael Rothenberg Mark Salerno Chris Sharp Sparrow Chris Stroffolino Erik Sweet Michael Angelo Tata Matvei Yankelevich

Art... Tom Nousias Will Yackulic Tracey McTague Brendan Lorber

Letters... Anonymous Jim Behrle Macgregor Card Todd Colby Sean Cole Del Ray Cross Brett Evans Lauren Halicki Bill Kushner Chris Martin Tracy Mishkin Name Withheld Travis Nichols Matt Parker Paul Violi Kelly Wells


To purchse a copy make a check out to Brendan Lorber for $30.00 & send it to LUNGFULL!magazine, 316 23rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215.



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